About Me


LaRhonda, also known as SouLah, is a 28 year old writer, poet, and spokenword artist from Chicago, IL. She was exposed to the joys of writing and art by her father,  Black Diamond Poet, who is a well known writer and mentor in the Midwest.


At the age of 10, SouLah realized her love for words and poetry and and at age 11, wrote her first poem entitled "always black". 


By the time she was 12, she had already recorded the poem on her dad's spokenword project, Cipher Complete. SouLah went on to write more poetry and performed on stage in front of a live audience for the first time at age 18, which opened up many doors for her from then on; she became the host of the first spokenword dvd magazine. in 2008, she won a poetry contest in college which gained her recognition from her peers. 


In 2012, she started constructing and hosting open mic events with her parents and later that year they went on to own their own entertainment venue called The Spokenword Lounge, which is the only black-owned spokenword venue in Chicago. 


In November of 2013, she won the award for best love poet. While honing her craft, SouLah has dreams to reach millions with her words and spread love all over the world.


She believes love is universal, something many can relate to, and should be encouraged all over. SouLah's work can be found on Youtube and on CD.


 For booking information she can be reached directly at mzpoet84@gmail.com