Kerri Honeywood

Kerri Honeywood


The brightest star in the galaxy, looking to cause astrological mayhem" is what she may call herself, however Author and Chicago native Kerri Honeywood is one of the most brilliant rising stars in the world of erotica.

The author of a two part novelty series, Memoirs of a Mistress and Diary of a Deviant Honeywood gives credit to her mother and writing legends Gwendolyn Brooks and Maya Angelou for her passion for story telling.

Honeywood articulates a very mature tone in her narrative writings engrossing the reader more and more into the life of Monet LeRoux- Female character in "Sillage" her new collaboration with Juan Blackdiamondpoet Goff who plays the Male character of Jaleel.

Though writing is a major entity in Honeywood's life she has dedicated herself to being a businesswoman and entrepreneur. Her newest venture was the launch of Kerri's Kiss 100% natural products that can be found in Erotic Explosion Boutique dot bigcartel dot com.

To find out whats New with Kerri Honeywood please follow her blog www.kissofhoneypromotions.blogspot.com for booking info or other business inquiries contact kissofhoneypromotions@gmail.com



Black Diamond Poet





a veil of scent that a person leaves behind when walking or when you enter a lift and smell that someone has been there before you; perfume can either have soft or heavy sillage depending on the type.

AN EROTIC TALE by Kerri Honeywood and Black Diamond Poet

Monet Le Roux, 25 years old


Hometown: Baton Rouge, LA


Character Traits: Natural, attractive, mysterious,opinionated, bossy, outgoing Adventurous, Rebellious, naughty,confident, ambitious, sultry vixen, girl next door



Black/ French





Raised in two parent household, parents divorced
She moved in with Maternal Grandparents at the age of 15
Youngest of 2, only girl


College student attending LSU obtaining Masters in Communication
Aspiring Actress/Model
Works as an Executive Brand Ambassador
No children

Owns a condo

Drives 2014 Dodge Charger SRT8




200 LBS













Monet.......The New York Trip .... 1

Monet has been working hard trying to complete her Masters Degree Program at LSU and trying to maintain her plush lifestyle.. A little over a week left before finals she has been given an opportunity to travel to New York to work on a new marketing campaign her boss thought that she would be great for.


This trip is just what I need to relax before finals, hopefully I have some time to have some fun as well.. Planning for this trip, I checked my email noticing an unread message from my assistant she has already sent me an itinerary for the five days I will be in New York on business.. Looking it over, great no me time just work.. lets see if I can tweak that a little, I got 5 whole days..


I noticed the first bit of business is to meet with the president and senior director of marketing tomorrow at 9am sharp. Leaving me no time, I packed 2 suitcases and drove to the airport. 
Once I boarded the plane- I Listened to music the whole plane ride.


I arrived at the hotel exhausted but I worked on my presentation until a little after midnight then I went to sleep.
Waking up refreshed ready for the day ahead, I got dressed- grabbed my business bag and headed to the lobby. I asked the front desk if they had any suggestions on a cafe near and he referred my to a cafe known for their excellent croissants just a couple doors down.. After thanking him I headed to the cafe.

Finishing up my transaction I decided to catch a cab to take me to this office building for my meeting. I gave the cab driver directions and we were off..

Enjoying the sights from the cab ride and finishing my breakfast I received an automated call from Hertz that my rental car would be ready for pick up by 3 pm, unaffected by the hold up I arrived at my address. It was in the middle of times square, the building stood 25 stories high with a beautiful view over looking the busy street.

After paying the driver, I walked inside the office building. To my surprise it was just as beautiful inside as it is outside. Delighted by what I saw, I checked in with security and I was given a key card with instructions to take the elevator to the 22nd floor to conference room 3. Once I arrived on the 22nd floor I was greeted by the receptionist. She escorted me to conference room 3, she told me to utilize the key card to get in and out of the offices on this floor. I thanked her and went inside.


Once inside, the room was very plush to be a conference room. I immediately noticed the Italian furniture, red oak tables an exquisite paintings hung along the walls. 
Setting up for my presentation, I grabbed a bottle water from the mini fridge and glanced out one of the large picture windows overlooking Times Square.


With 5 minutes left before the meeting I decided to refresh my makeup, before I got the opportunity to put it away a man and the secretary I met earlier came into the conference room. It seemed like he was kinda irritated due to the fact he was blatantly chewing the secretary head off because of the unknown whereabouts of Mark the senior director of marketing, it was very important that him and I met if we were going to be working together.


The secretary left with a frazzled look on her face and closed the door behind her. 
Still standing with my compact mirror in my hand, embarrassed by getting caught off guard I notice the handsome male walked over to the mini fridge to grab a water an asked if I was Okay. I replied yes, thank you.

Thinking to myself the things I wouldn't mind doing to him! 

He stood 6'5, built, solid physique,soft brown hair pulled into a man bun, chestnut eyes, clean from head to toe. He knew I was checking him out and said "You look beautiful, you can get out the mirror now" we both laughed to break the ice and he reached out for a handshake to introduce himself- "Hi, Im Jaleel president of the company. Everyone calls me by my first name and you should also.. and your name?" 
I apologize, it's Monet LeRoux.


Jaleel immediately apologized due to the senior director of marketing, Mark was not in attendance and told me to just get started with the presentation. Feeling myself because of the eye candy in front of me, everything flowed smoothly and the meeting was over at 2:30p.


Jaleel seemed to enjoy the well prepared presentation and having me on board. As I began packing things up Jaleel asked if I had lunch, tempted to say something sideways I declined the lunch date because of my previous plan to pick up the rental from Hertz at 3pm.


Jaleel looked me in my eyes and said fine, well better yet lets meet for dinner I know a great restaurant and we can talk more on how you plan to launch this campaign and how I plan to help you soar in this company.. Deal? I accepted, he gave me a card with the address of the restaurant on it and instructed for me to just put it in the car gps and I will arrive to the place with no issues.. I immediately asked what's the dress code before he departed, Jaleel replied casual, see you then and left the office.


Packing my things away, I could still smell the scent of his cologne lingering thru the room. I looked at the card once more and placed it in my purse. Once I finished, I proceeded to the lobby to wait for my pick up from Hertz, I was kinda tired and wanted to relax before dinner with Jaleel.


Waiting in the lobby I started to think what did I bring that I could wear for this dinner date with the president of the company, I didnt really pack anything that wasnt deliciously scandalous besides clothes for work and a couple play time out fits if I had a little time..


After picking up the car, I rushed back to the hotel to have time to search for the perfect outfit. Once I was about to pass the front desk the clerk mentioned I had an urgent message- No one but my grandma & boss knew I was here so who could it possibly be, I thought.


To my surprise it was from Jaleel, the message stated "Im sorry to bother you, I know our dinner date was unexpected. Im going to send a limo to pick you up in an hour, pamper you and take you shopping for something to wear tonight, lets say its a thank you gift for having dinner with me".


I called him and told him that its a nice gesture, but you dont have to do it.. Jaleel insisted and told me price didnt matter just get what you want and bring my beautiful self.

That gave me about thirty minutes to shower and slip into something more relaxed since I was going to get pampered right before this dinner date.


Having a ball shopping, hair, nails and toes was on fleek! I got back to the hotel a little later than expected. I had just enough time to shower, get dressed and head out to the restaurant. I couldnt wait to reveal what I bought! 
I arrived at the restaurant fashionably late, which so happens to be the 40/40 club Manhattan- I hope he understands it takes time to look this good! I giggled to myself.


I was dressed in a customized Vera Wang little black dress sorta Like Michelle Obama's dress with out the chiffon bottom, peep toed 7 inch Christian Louboutin red bottom heels and a elegant oversized clutch bag.

I didnt see Jaleel when I arrived so the host escorted me to my table and mentioned the gentleman I was waiting for told me to page once you arrive, he will be here in any moment..

Jaleel.......Mystery Woman ....... 2

He could feel her teeth nibbling firmly at his penis. The pain was a turn on all in its self. With both hands filled with her afro, he gently steered her head to go deeper. His breath quicken as she skillfully swirled her tongue around the head of his phallus.

Jaleel needed badly to see her in the light, he strained his eyes in the dimly lit room, trying hopelessly to get a good look at her.
The silhouette of her body was amazing. She slowly climb his 6’5” body, mounting him like a horse, and began to slowly ride his manhood. He rose up to kiss her, but she aggressively pushed him back down to the bed.

Music could vaguely be heard at a distant. Jaleel needed to see her clearer, kiss her….he needed to embrace this beautiful goddess.

Music became louder. She began to ride back and forth faster…..digging her nails into his chest. The pain was ecstasy. Faster, her muscles tighten on his dick. Faster. The music even louder. Jaleel tried desperately to sit up, she wouldn’t allow it. She rode faster…..he became harder, if that was at all possible. She began to scream, he began to cum. The music even louder.

Jaleel needed to see her….with great force he sat up against her attempt to keep him pinned down. He woke up, his alarm blaring out rap music….his heart pounding. Jaleel, looked down at his rock hard penis….fell back onto the wet sheets, staring at the huge ceiling fan slowly spinning.


He looked at the radio alarm clock, 5am. Who was this woman he dreamt about so often. No need to ask why he was having these dreams. It was well over a year since he’d had any sexual encounters. Deciding to chill for a while, because of a past relationship, Jaleel was beginning to crack. He thought of maybe calling up one of his many past “beneficial” friends. He quickly dismissed that thought. 

He jumped from the bed, went into the washroom, looking in the mirror, “you aint getting any younger dude”, he whispered as he began to wuzu. 
After making salat, he turned on the 100 inch tv in the wall to check World News. Slipping out of his thobe and into some shorts, he jumped on the treadmill and began running.

Who was this girl stalking his dreams. Why was he dreaming of the same woman night after night.

Remembering he had a 9am meeting, “Siri, call Gail,” a woman voice quickly filled the room through small Bose speakers that surrounded the loft. “good morning jaleel, how can I be of service so early in the a.m.” she asked flirtingly “would you like me to cum over and shower you sir?” she said giggling.

“Gail, how many times have I told you NOT to flirt with me when I call via speaker phone, what if I had company or something. That wouldn’t look good for boss/employee relations.” he said firmly, she quickly switched to her business voice, “sorry sir, how can I help you”? “with yo mean ass”, she whispered under her breath.

Jaleel, just shook his head. He knew fucking the women In the office was a bad idea, that’s why he has been practicing abstinence. 
“make sure mark is on point for the 9am meeting.”! hanging up without a goodbye. 

Arriving at the office around 9am, with no sign of mark, because Gail forgot to follow up. Jaleel hated bad business, he was self made and believed the key to a successful business started with being on time.

His mood quickly changed when he saw the beautiful woman fixing her self up in her little compact mirror. She didn’t need to fix a thing. She was absolutely amazing.

After the meeting....


Jaleel being very impressed with her presentation, he quickly signed her onto the Marketing Campaign. “hey Monet, have you had lunch”? she declined because she had to pick up her car rental.
“Well, better yet lets do dinner”, he said giving her a card to the 40/40 club, a place where he frequent often. She agreed. 

She asked what was the dress attire for tonight, jaleel wanted to badly say, “come naked, I would love to eat you for dessert”, but instead, kept his composure, “its casual”, looking into her beautiful face.

Now this woman could make me forget my abstinence promise, no questions asked.

Monet......I can taste YOU already ....... 3

Jaleel approached the table dressed in all white, looking him up and down I felt over dressed.. His erect nipples piercing through his shirt, his dick print bulging thru those pants.. Gawd! all the way down to the shoes, which by the way looks to be a size 10 or higher.. Thinking to myself, if my calculations are correct about 7inches? hmm.. That's a milk mustache I would take for the team..


I must have zoned out because Jaleel mentioned my name twice to get my attention..
Jaleel: Monet, are you ok? your face is all red, I hope it wasn't me.. I bit my tongue- an apologized for starring, I didnt expect to see you like this I replied.. Jaleel smiled an asked like what? I told him quickly dont worry about, I brought my tablet along to go over my projections for this campaign.


Very eager to check out what I have so far, Jaleel asked if I could move in a little closer or would it be ok if he moved in a little closer. I told him it didn't matter and he moved in closer.. Overcome with the sudden urge to leave red kisses all over, I wanted to devour him! I was not as innocent as he thought.

Brainstorming while in deep conversation, Jaleel ordered our dinner & drinks. Of course our drinks arrived first, 2 cognac glasses of Hennessy.. Jaleel mentioned this would loosen me up while waiting for dinner. Jaleel signaled for a toast "To our new relationship", Jaleel corrected himself by saying "I mean our new business relationship".. Stunned by what he said I smiled, we both laughed and took a sip..


Thinking to myself Dinner, Drinks and good company I got a lot completed an I mentally fucked my boss.. Jaleel asked if I was ok, I replied yes and told him that dinner and the cocktails was excellent. I had a good time tonight, very productive. 
Once completed, Jaleel looked at his diamond Bvlgari watch and mentioned I should get back to the hotel so I can be refreshed and prepared for the rest of the week- he already called for me a car..

Jaleel walked me out to the car, opened the door making sure I was in safely and shut the door. He signaled to call or text once I got to the hotel before pulling off, smiling seductively I raised the window and mumbled to myself- I can get use to this treatment..


The next day in the office everything went smoothly. Mark, Senior Director of Marketing was up to speed on my campaign ideas and the power point presentation I gave was on point, the team was moving forward quickly.

Adjourning the meeting I received an email from my boss in Louisiana about planning my exit strategy in a couple of days and to confer with Jaleel on my next move.
Feeling unbothered about the news, I knew finals were around the corner and I had to go home in a couple days..

I walked over to the beautiful picture window daydreaming about that evening with Jaleel and it made everything much better.. After exhaling, I stepped out the conference room to chat briefly with the secretary to see if Jaleel was available since I hadnt seen him all day. 

She mentioned that Jaleel was out of the office, at the Dojo. Intrigued by what I learned, I decided to ask her for the address. You would think Jaleel and her was fooling around because of her sarcastic tone when she gave me the address and warned me that he might or might not be available to talk. I looked at the slip, thanked her and returned to the conference room.



Women are attracted to Three things ...................MONEY .................... POWER..................... and THIS!



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Have him eating out your hands and get him to pop the question!

Jaleel.......Sillage ........4

Jaleel sat in his meditation room at the Dojo, sipping slowly on hot tea and Hennessey.  He needed something to curb his sexual frustrations …… he’d taken the day off to do so.  He had this room created for time like now, when he needed to relax and re-focus.  The doorbell broke the silence of the room.

“Now who could this be”…..he thought, “the sign clearly says CLOSE!”  “and its 6pm”  thinking aloud as he made his way to the front of the Dojo.


When he open the door, there stood a goddess, Monet, looking like a young Pam Grier.  He just stood there in awe.  “Well, aren’t you going to invite me in” Monet asked smiling the most beautiful he’d ever seen.  Jaleel chuckled, “oh im sorry, I wasn’t expecting to see you”, stepping aside to let her pass. 


As she passed, she left this soft sexy scent in the air.  A combination of something sweet and spicy, with a floral sillage.  “What the fuck is that” Jaleel wondered as he followed it.  “so this is the dojo huh”  Monet asked, “I always wanted to learn self defense”.  She walked the a circle around Jaleel, leaving this hypnotic scent like a prison around his personal space.  Unexpectedly she grabbed Jaleel around the neck from behind, in a choking position, “can you handle me?”  she whispered.


Jaleel got an instant erection, her body felt so good against his back, in one quick move jaleel was out off her hold and behind her, “im not sure if I can handle you…but im willing to find out”, he whispered in Monet’s ear.  Monet impressed with his counter attack, seemed to melt in his arms.  He could feel her heart pounding from underneath the light trench coat  she had on.  “oh, you’re good boss man”, she purred as she reached back and grab his dick.  Jaleel quickly jumped back.  “that’s not fair, “  Monet pouted, “you have a weapon on you”.


Jaleel now embarrassed by the erections in his Dogi , blushed at her forwardness.  “you are quite the opponent”,  he smiled, “you hit below the belt huh”?  Monet moved in closer, “baby, you have no idea”, Monet purred.  “you smell like you started the party without me”, she said referring to the Hennessey scent, “do you have anything left that I can put in my mouth”, she asked.  Jaleel was in utter disbelief, Monet had his head in a world wind, and he had never in his whole entire life met anyone like her.  The challenge turned him on.


Before he could answer, she headed toward the back…..leaving this sillage behind for him to follow. 

“wow, this is nice back here, you wouldn’t have known from the front that this was even here”, she said impressed, “so what is this room called”?  she asked as she toured the room.  Jaleel felt light headed, confuse and excited.  How could she just come into my space and take command, this was something he was definitely not use to.  Jaleel ignored the question for a better one of his own, “what are you wearing”?  That scent and what’s underneath that coat”? 


Monet  sat on Jaleel’s desk as he moved in closer, once he was close enough she reached up and ran her hands through his hair, “I just love your hair, she whispered, “and if you must know, im wearing jimmychoo’s, Victoria secret, she whispered in his ear, slowly taking off the coat wearing exactly that “and that scent you so desire to know, is my pussy.”  She purred slowly pushing jaleel’s head down in between her legs and he had no more questions.

Monet & Jaleel.........A dream cum true ............... 5

Monet threw her legs over Jaleel's shoulders and began running her fingers through his hair. Grinding her pussy on Jaleel's face so hard she can feel his nose, which excited Monet. With every flick of his tongue Monet's legs began to shake- Jaleel felt the vibration and parted Monet's lips wider exploring every twist and turn..

She felt Jaleel insert two fingers invading her cave, caught in the moment Monet thought to herself "I know he can feel my pulsating walls craving more" as Jaleel's finger went in and out as he sucked on Monet's clitoris.

Monet let out a loud gasp and began grabbing for an invisible object- Jaleel stopped abruptly. Opening her eyes, she can tell by the look on Jaleel's face that he enjoyed making her squirm. Well it wasn't just the look in Jaleel's eye but the erect dick that was pointing towards her that needed attention.

Monet bit her lip and Jaleel grabbed a handful of hair and stuck those same two fingers in her mouth. Monet accepted them willingly to suck all her sweet juices off, it had to be the way Monet wrapped her lips around those fingers that caused her to say softly "I want you" to Jaleel..
At that moment Monet knew she had to have him in her mouth.

Climbing off the table, Monet took a step forward and Jaleel backed off and sat in a chair in the corner and removed his shirt exposing a white wife beater. Jaleel began to remove his pants until Monet instructed him not to by waving her finger. Monet crawled on all fours over to Jaleel and helped him remove his pants exposing his hard dick. Monet was ready to devour it and feed the hunger she has within.

Jaleel grabbed Monet's face, pushed her hair back, kissed her forehead and pushed her face into his lap inhaling Jaleel's dick whole. The feel of his hard dick in her throat Monet's mouth got so wet.. Bobbling her head Monet decided to slow down the pace.. Admiring the mess made Monet pinned Jaleel's sticky dick to his stomach and began tracing the main vein with her tongue from the nape to the tip, giving it a vacuum kiss- Jaleel let out a soft moan.. 
Repeating her oral steps Jaleel immediately grabbed Monet's hair again and her neck and told her to climb on. Monet was so wet and ready for Jaleel to penetrate her, she grinded on Jaleels dick so hard like she was trying to break him inside her.. Monet wanted to feel every inch of him.

Monet let out a soft sigh and Jaleel wrapped his big hands around Monet's waist and bounced Monet like a rag doll as if he was on a mission to conquer the pussy. The uncontrollable ride- Jaleel stayed on that spot that started Monet to twitch, She yelled out "Im cumming" Jaleel lifted Monet up and bent her over and began thrusting harder in the doggy style position..




The Sillage from Monet’s pussy brought on an animalistic hunger to Jaleel.  He slowly licked and probed her sweet pussy, as if he had completely got lost in her thighs.  He used two fingers to penetrate her g-spot, slowly beckoning for her to cum.  He could feel her body jerk and twist with every sip and slurp, the taste of her juice was intoxicating him.  Her moans where like hidden codes to her buried treasure.  He wanted to explore more.  He needed more.  Its been so long since Jaleel had devoured a woman.  He planned to fully satisfy their every crave and desire.  Jaleel had been waiting for this moment since the day she arrived.  She was the woman from the dreams. 


Jaleel’s dick was getting jealous of his tongue and fingers.  He needed to be inside her.  He needed to feel the heat from her secret place.  He needed to look into her eyes with every stroke. 


He stood and headed to the chair.  He wanted her on top.  Jaleel needed to see her beautiful face.  He needed to see the passion in her eyes.  Monet crawled over to him, instructing him to not move.  When she reached him, he grabbed her face and kissed her forehead as if to say, “im sorry”.  Then he gently, but forcefully shoved his dick into her warm wet mouth.  He let out a sigh of relief, as she skillfully and willingly took him whole.  She sucked and slurped on his manhood for what seemed like an hour, but only 10 minutes in real time.  She then climbed on top and grinded her pussy over his erect dick, slowly riding him and shaking at the same time.  The two stared into each other’s eyes, like they were talking without saying a word.  Their body understood each other perfectly.  Changing speeds or rhythm, Monet began to cum on his penis.  Moaning slowly and unable to keep her eyes open, she whispered, “im cumming, baby”  slowing her grind to a halt, “damn I needed you”. 


Jaleel quickly turned her over and began pounding at her pussy some more.  Monet let out a scream and began cumming again.  Her juices ran down her legs, the sounds of their love play, only pushed him harder.




Harder, Faster, and deeper Jaleel went in- it began to rain indoors.. Monet can hear the water hitting the floor and feel it running down her leg, Jaleel pulled out and blew his load all over Monet's ass and back. Jaleel slapped Monet on the ass an told her she could use the guest bathroom down the hall to shower, and he would return in a few. 
Admiring the destruction in the room and the various wet spots around Monet was very satisfied. Removing her heels and gathering her bra and panties Monet walked towards the guest bathroom to shower.

Fifteen minutes passed- Monet came out the bathroom refreshed and moisturized, looked around put her heels on, grabbed her coat and left the Dojo quietly.. Monet was thinking while walking to her car "I wonder will he remember this tomorrow?" Monet let out a giggle and got in. 
Monet started the car pulled down the sun visor checked her lips in the vanity and added a scarlet red matte to her lips and drove off.

While making it to the hotel Monet took a hot bath, packed, set her alarm clock and headed to bed. Monet knew she had to get up early to plan her departure back home to Baton Rouge. 
Waking up early Monet was able to book an afternoon flight which gave her enough time to meet one last time with the Marketing department, drop the rental car off and fly back to Baton Rouge to continue her studies. Monet knew it was getting close to graduation, her main focus was to accomplish her Master's degree so getting back home was very important.

Arriving 1 hour early at the office Monet wanted to plan to meet the marketing department one last time, provide them with an awesome lunch and congratulate them on their hard work handling the ongoing campaign. The Secretary was very friendly today which was kind of ironic, yet she seemed nosy at the same time Monet thought. 

The secretary asked if Monet was staying or if she was leaving in a prying tone, so keeping it professional Monet told her that today was her last day here and she wanted to order lunch. Monet asked the secretary to plan the lunch for the marketing team- this way she can focus more on the meeting and pack up her materials in the office. Leaving the secretary's desk, Monet noticed the team was beginning to assemble in the conference room. 

Half way through the meeting the secretary came in delivering a message that Jaleel wouldn't be attending the meeting. Monet explained to the team that since Jaleel wasn't going to be present we could wrap up earlier. At that time Lunch was being delivered into the conference room, so Monet grabbed her laptop, materials, thanked the team once again and left- Monet was on a tight schedule. She arrived at Hertz Successfully dropping off the rental car, when her phone rang. Speed walking through the corridors to her surprise it was Jaleel, his voice was faint but Monet heard him ask what gate was she departing from and he wanted to see her before leaving. Monet gave Jaleel the gate number and the phone went silent, No service. Monet couldn't hear Jaleel's last words, however looking at the long line she was glad that she planned early. 

Monet was curious to know what Jaleel was saying before the call dropped and began to smile. Impatiently waiting, Monet decided to update her social media pages on her arrival. Reaching the ticket clerk, Jaleel appeared on the side of her and grabbed her bag. Leaving only a couple of minutes until boarding Jaleel told Monet he had something to give her before she left. Jaleel reached inside his coat and pulled out an envelope, he wish her good luck in school and handling the campaign. Monet looked at the envelope and told Jaleel she couldn't accept it- Jaleel insisted and told Monet consider it a graduation gift. Monet looked at the envelop, slipped it into her purse and Jaleel kissed Monet on the cheek.

Boarding the plane Monet put her bag in the overhead and took her seat. Curious to find out what was in the envelope, Monet pulled it out her purse- it was a redeemable round trip ticket voucher to the Virgin Islands, and a handwritten note wrapped in a congrats ribbon with a shiny key attached. Very curious on finding out what did the key belong to, Monet read the letter- 

"I'm proud of you. Not only the way you handled the campaign- your determination in obtaining your Masters and sticking to it, congratulations
I hope to see you again in the immediate future. I know you're probably looking at the key enclosed, very curious as to what it belongs to. When you need some get away time or I'm in town feel free to stop by.. I have a condo in the French quarters you should check it out sometime who knows, I might pop up unexpectedly."

Monet looked at everything and mumbled lowly "this was an awesome trip and I got my pussy wet.. I think I might use this key in the near future" while she put everything in her purse and grabbed her tablet and headphones. 
Monet glanced out the window, closed her eyes and began to enjoy the plan ride home.

Jaleel paced the floor....he felt sick.  he couldnt believe she was leaving today.  he needed her............to stay...............forever.  He dressed and raced to the jeweler, after what seemed like forever, he finally purchased a ring.  "wow, she has to be very special to spend six figures on an engagement ring?"  the sales lady said impressed and slightly jealous.  "who is she jaleel"?  she asked with an atitude.  jaleel ignored her, he didnt have much time to argue with a jealous ex.


Jaleel called Monet's phone, "which gate are you departing at", he asked, not understanding her reply.  "monet, im in love with you", he said nervously, "I WANT YOU TO MARRY ME"?  the service went dead.  Finally reaching the airport, running thru looking for the departure gate, he spotted monet heading to the gate, he raced over to her, she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.  Jaleel didnt want her to get away....he needed her....forever.


Jaleel embraced monet, then handed her an envolope, deciding against the ring at the last minute.  heart pounding and racing, After exchanging goodbyes, jaleel kissed her on the cheek and watched his future walk away.

"Maybe it wasnt the right time", jaleel thought, "but the next time will be special", and he smiled knowing Monet would one day be his wife.

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    The story was erotic and enticing. I love the flow and how you gave both perspectives..

  • leah (Friday, December 18 15 04:54 pm EST)

    how often does this come out, i love the story

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