Lion and Cheetahs


I backed pedal on petals

Leaving space between spaces

Leaving many mourning by morning

While preying on those with praying faces


God help me


Many times I played the prophet for profits

Twisting their facts into faxes

Treating cat like fleas, as they watched me flee with their taxes


God help them


They never saw me coming, because they were cumming

Too busy watching him sing hymns,

when they should have been running

And my presence ….was their present

Dropping their God's, while I treated their guards

like peasants


God forgive me


The lesson, is in the lessen

Watching Pro's dropping Prose,

was the essence

Even if I asked them to stop,

they would only see it as a test

and Ask me to Cover up lies

while they're busy undressing


God help us



I am not charmed nor foolish to ever think I can possess

 a woman such as yourself

Your beauty and charms delights me

I dreamt of us Sharing 1000 kisses

And upon my awakening….

I still craved for 1000 more

Your beauty surpass any woman God has ever created..

Angels celebrate your smile…

Heaven has granted you full access and immunity to come and go as you please

History will be a fool not document you as one of the seven wonders of the world


I love you


And I celebrate your existence..

I am jealous of the air you breathe

Having the pleasure of filling your lungs with life

I wait to be fated with the gift of your presence

The utter mention of your name devours my soul


I am born again


You are exquisite and fascinating and I will devote my entire life to you


I must confess you give me a feeling I’ve never known before

And before you, I’ve never known Love


Most cannot appreciate you for the marvel that you are

It takes every fiber of my being not to melt into a puddle of aged cognac 

My cup runneth over

I want to pour myself into your cup just to be tasted by the lips of you

It’s taking all my strength not to ask you to return the favor


I am hung over


The nuance of your beauty and a Rose is only in the eye of the beholder

Loving you once it’s like living twice in paradise

I’ve committed sins with fantasies of you


I asked God to bare with me for my flesh is weak


His response was “Treat her as you would diamonds and pearls, because she is worth her weight in Gold”!

Steal Queen!


I kissed the regret from her lips

I tasted every bad decision she’d ever made

But I understood she was trying to get paid

She called other women Trees, cause all she ever got from them was shade


Her tongue was tangled 

And tied

Fables tasted like candy

She lied

She was given a diploma from the streets before she even tried

Her prom date, was always in the back of some niggaz ride


But she was never too ashame to wear her crown

She was always corona bound

She was known as Royalty around town

She lost her mother to the streets, and her body was never found 


And don’t try to present no gag order

Her freedom was to free to fold

She was worth her weight in gold

But yet her pride was never sold

Nic name American flag, cause u can catch her swinging from a pole


Catch her on the North side

When I asked her for directions 

She cried

And when it thundered, she’d hide

She just wanted someone to love her before she died


She preferred to lay on her back, before she’d let you break it

She lied, she wasn’t a Virgin, she’d let her father take it

Your $20 was only enough to watch her fake it

Life gave her only puzzle pieces, but she was determined to make it


And she continued

 to wear her crown..... 


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