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The Interview w/ LadyVee Da below

DeVeata Williams-Pough aka LadyVee DaPoet is an award-winning spoken word artist, author, event producer, hostess and co-owner of Art Out Loud Creative Space-Allen Pough Studio in Atlanta, GA. She prides herself in providing stages and microphones to voices that need to be heard. She describes her poetry as "quality creative expression" that educates, entertains and inspires.


                                               I’m LadyVee DaPoet

Atlanta, GA 30316

                                                                            ● Author
                                                                            ● Spoken Word Artist
                                                                            ● Event Host
                                                                            ● Event Producer
                                                                            ● Talent Recruitment
                                                                            ● Social Media Marketing
                                                                            ● Online Flyer Design
                                                                            ● Public Relations Management
                                                                            ● CRM (newsletters, contact emails, etc.)
Hosting & Event Planning Experience
   2007 - PRESENT
   LadyVee Productions, LLC, Atlanta GA - Owner
● Do You Lyric Lounge at Hodgepodge Coffeehouse (Nov 2010 - Dec 2023)
● Unleashed Open Mic / Art Out Loud Open Mic Variety Show / various venues (Jan 2013 -
● Quality Poets Society / writing and performance workshops / various venues (Jan 2007 -
● Co-Owner, Art Out Loud Creative Space / Allen Pough Studio (July 2019-present)
● ‘Live from the BeatLab’: News that Indie Artists can Use! & ‘Industry Influencer Interview’
Facebook Live hostess (Jan 2017- present)
Collaborative Creative Experience
● Allen Pough Productions, Entertainment Music Group, Booking Agent & Business Partner
● ‘Exploration Africa’ founded by President Gladys Bonney, Event Consultant and Resident
Spoken Word Artist
● The Poet Life Podcast hosted by Christophe Jenkins, PR Manager (June 2023 - present)
● Poetry vs Hip Hop, LLC founded by Queen Sheba, Stage Manager & PR Manager (May
● Black Berry Peach Poetry Convention, Steering Committee Member (August 2023-present)
● Georgia Poetry Society Member
● SwagHer Magazine, former Event Blogger & Current Brand Ambassador


               Notable Artistic Events
2007 - 2020
Arts in the Heart of Augusta Festival, Augusta GA- Chairperson, Troubadour Stage
Rep Yo’ City: Atlanta vs New Orleans Poetry Showcase, Atlanta GA & New Orleans,
LA- Hostess, Talent Recruiter
1st Annual Apex Museum Pyramid Awards, Atlanta GA- Planning Committee Member
‘Words from our Ancestors’ benefitting Apex Museum, Atlanta GA- Hostess, Talent
Lift Up Atlanta Organization, Atlanta GA- Charitable Event Hostess

● ‘Imagination Overload: The Life Inspired Poetic Verse of LadyVee DaPoet’ (2007)
● ‘Clenched Teeth Smiling’ (2008)
● ‘Eve of Utopia’ Spoken Word CD (2009)
● Freelance Art Columnist - TRIB/Urban Pro Weekly Magazine, Augusta GA (2012)
● ‘Ink Blots on I-20: Reflective Poetry Collection (2016)
● ‘Still Fabulous! : Reclaiming your Inner Goddess after a Break Up’ (2019)
● ‘Eff the Pandemic, Let’s Have a Baby!’ (2023)
May 2004
Augusta State University, Augusta, GA - Bachelor of Business Administration / Marketing
April 2008
CSB School of Broadcasting, Atlanta, GA - Certificate in Media Operations & Communication
May 2023
Hubspot Academy, Remote - Certificate in Content Marketing
● Best Event Specialist 2015/ Runway Ink Atlanta
● ATL’s Hottest Spoken Word Poet 2023 / PasskeyChoice Entertainment TV & Media Group

 1. What inspired you to become a poet, and how did your journey into poetry begin? // I am a middle child. I have an older sister and I had a younger brother that passed away when he was 18 years old. Growing up, I always felt like my words didn't have any merit or I had to fight extra hard to be listened to. Poetry and writing in my diaries and journals became an outlet for me to express my emotions. My family and a few friends labeled me as "too emotional" or "too sensitive" so instead of talking to people directly, often I'd pour my words out on paper to get through the situations I'd find myself in. I started taking my writing seriously in the 9th grade and I was happy to see that my poetry didn't just help me, but it enlightened others to explore their feelings as well. 
2 .Can you describe your creative process? How do you find inspiration for your poems?// I need a quiet and peaceful space to create. I'm inspired by my past and even by the lives of other people. I write poems about the environment around me but from my own perspective. My most effective and powerful poems focus on a conflict or issue with the goal of having a triumph at the end of the poem to show the reader how to overcome the obstacle. 
3. Many poets draw from their personal experiences. How does your own life and emotions influence your work? // There's a saying that states: "We are spiritual beings having a human experience." I believe that. As human beings, we all go through similar situations but my life's perspective is unique and unlike anyone else's . How I feel about a topic or situation shines light on it in a way that you might not have thought of before and that open-minded angle can be the key to solving a problem or changing an opinion for the better. 
4. Do you have a favorite theme or subject that you enjoy exploring in your poetry? Why does it resonate with you? / I craft my poetry collections into 5 distinct chapters: Life / Love / Heartache / Art / Observations & Reflections. Those themes and subjects resonate with me because it's my human experience. As I journey through my Life, I'm going to Love at times...I'm going to have my Heart broken at times....the Art of God's creation always brings me back to my focus and I Observe and Reflect to learn from my mistakes to be a better person after everything is over. 
5. How do you decide on the form and structure of your poems? What role does structure play in conveying your message? // The tone of the poem determines the form and structure. If it's a deep topic or more emotional poem I use a more free verse style because I don't want to restrict my words by putting them in the constraints of "I can only use words that rhyme". Other poems might have a lighter feel, they are commissioned performance pieces or they are used as song lyrics so I structure them as hip hop or I make them rhyme to be more memorable to the audience. The tone of the message and how you want the audience to receive the message given determines the form. 
6. Could you share a bit about your writing rituals and habits? Do you have a specific time or place where you prefer to write? // My writing has taken a slight pause since giving birth to my son, Dylan James. He is a complex distraction daily yet when he sleeps or when he spends time with his daddy, I can carve out a quiet time to express myself poetically. Even if it's just jotting down topics to explore later in my journal, I value the time to dedicate to my art. When my son gets older and goes off to school to make friends to spend time with, I'm sure more time will reveal itself to get back to writing books and memorizing more poetry for performance. 
7. Poetry often deals with emotions and deep personal truths. How do you handle the vulnerability that comes with sharing your work with others? // "All the names have been changed to protect the innocent and the guilty." It is a struggle for me to choose which deep personal truths to reveal to an audience of critical strangers. Metaphors and similes have their way of helping to conceal the raw truth and tell it openly at the same time. I wrap a lot of deep emotion in very beautiful language and I never write anything that I would be ashamed or afraid to say on a stage in front of an audience. 
8. Are there any poets or authors who have particularly influenced or inspired your writing? If so, how have they impacted your work? // I grew up reading classic poets in school like Pablo Neruda, Langston Hughes, Nikki Giovanni, Robert Frost, Charles Bukowski, Audre Lorde, etc. I'm inspired by poets who aren't afraid of using words to move people to think. Straight forward, storyteller performance artists like Queen Sheba, Ed Mabry, Talaam Acey, Asia Samson, and any spoken word artist that still believes in the craft of poetry influences my work. 
9. What do you hope readers take away from your poetry, or what kind of emotional response do you aim to evoke in them? // I hope readers feel a sense of empathy and can relate to my poetry knowing that their feelings, emotions and thoughts are powerful and valid enough to turn situations around for the better. I want my words to shine light in people's minds and get them to embrace their life as a beautiful roller coaster heading straight to a unique destiny. Life is a blessing for each spirit and we learn great lessons from reading stories of our own lives and the lives of others. 
10. Can you tell us about any upcoming projects, publications, or themes you're currently exploring in your poetry? // Currently, I'm using my creative studio to produce literary events like writing and performance workshops for youth and adult writers. I'm also "providing stages and microphones to voices that need to be heard" through my open mic variety shows in Atlanta, GA. As the PR manager and stage manager for Poetry vs Hip Hop, LLC, we will be going on a nationwide City Winery venue tour in 2024 which will be filmed for a proposal pitch to Netflix and/or Peacock. It's an exciting time for spoken word poetry and I can feel my work maturing and evolving into something very wonderful, indeed. 



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